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Re: Bully (video game)[edit]

Yeah, I realize it was referring to a quote in that movie - I probably should have been more clear to the original editor that the reason I reverted it was per WP:Profanity - "Words and images that would be considered offensive, profane, or obscene by typical Wikipedia readers should be used if and only if their omission would cause the article to be less informative, relevant, or accurate, and no equally suitable alternatives are available." There were plenty of non-profane "band camp" quotes from that film that could have been used as opposed to the vulgar one that was chosen (though I admit that final one was the most memorable). - RJASE1 13:45, 2 February 2007 (UTC)

Feel free to do whatever you think is right regarding the article. - RJASE1 03:21, 3 February 2007 (UTC)

Age category[edit]

Hello! If you are receiving this message, that means that your user page is in a specific year category. Per a recent user-category per deletion, all specific year categories are to be deleted. If you wish to continue using year categories, you have two options:

If you wish, you may do both. Hopefully, this change in categorization will be quick and painless. Happy editing! --An automated message from MessedRobot 13:09, 9 March 2007 (UTC)


Hello, Vercalos. An automated process has found and removed an image or media file tagged as nonfree media, and thus is being used under fair use that was in your userspace. The image (Image:DarienCTtownseal.jpg) was found at the following location: User:Vercalos/sandbox. This image or media was attempted to be removed per criterion number 9 of our non-free content policy. The image or media was replaced with Image:NonFreeImageRemoved.svg , so your formatting of your userpage should be fine. Please find a free image or media to replace it with, and or remove the image from your userspace. User:Gnome (Bot)-talk 23:43, 15 May 2007 (UTC)

Re: That's funny...[edit]

Either my IP is a shared IP, or Wikipedia hiccuped. I went to Wikipedia, and found myself linked to this(through a message informing me I had a new message). I know it wasn't me, but it's still kinda funny--Vercalos (talk) 05:45, 20 November 2007 (UTC)

Ok just admit were the IP that blanked the page :P But seriously though, I never thought someone would contact me for an edit I made in April this year. I guess no edit in Wikipedia goes unseen! Spellcast (talk) 06:28, 20 November 2007 (UTC)

Disputed fair use rationale for Image:Don't Cry It's Only Thunder.jpg[edit]

Thanks for uploading Image:Don't Cry It's Only Thunder.jpg. However, there is a concern that the rationale you have provided for using this image under "fair use" may be invalid. Please read the instructions at Wikipedia:Non-free content carefully, then go to the image description page and clarify why you think the image qualifies for fair use. Using one of the templates at Wikipedia:Fair use rationale guideline is an easy way to ensure that your image is in compliance with Wikipedia policy, but remember that you must complete the template. Do not simply insert a blank template on an image page.

If it is determined that the image does not qualify under fair use, it will be deleted within a couple of days according to our criteria for speedy deletion. If you have any questions please ask them at the media copyright questions page. Thank you.BetacommandBot (talk) 06:05, 2 January 2008 (UTC)

Royal College, Colombo[edit]

Hi, In the article Royal College, Colombo, entry removed in the lead section was not appropriate for lede, the Cadet Band section (largest one) was a copyright violation and the additions to Awards were false. Cossde (talk) 08:51, 20 December 2011 (UTC)

Oh ok, Ill remember to do that next time. Thanks Cossde (talk) 08:56, 20 December 2011 (UTC)