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I am a philosophy doctor in Natural Sciences at La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy. I am carrying out research work in Geology and Paleontology for the scientific curriculum of mine, in view of a forthcoming competitive examination in the field of my own graduation subject.

I am finishing a scientific textbook concerning Natural History of Mediterranean Region for academic press. The text I’m composing also displays some of the most interesting and significant snapshots I have retrieved both in referred publications both among the image files posted by authors and users in the web. Specifically I would like to use the following images for chapter concerning Messinian:

I kindly ask you whether it is no problem authorizing me to include the pictures in the scientific textbook of mine. A page of my work shall be expressly dedicated to the acknowledgments and in full citation of pictures’ owners.

Waiting for the reply of yours, I greet and thank you.


Danilo M. Bonanni