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You can leave me a message (last diff). Let me know of a mistake or a good edit, or just say hi!

Hi, everyone. This isn't the most spiffy talk page you will ever see, but it's my belief that less is more. Besides, if the talk page is for talking, why decorate it? Leave me a message if you've got something chewing on your ear, or if you just want to say something to me. Please use the New section tab above unless you're replying to a discussion already present, in which case please edit only that section and indent your reply using one more colon (:) than the last person. Also, please remember to sign your posts.

Some notes about my responses:

  • I'll respond here if:
    • You post a comment here (this will probably get you a {{talkback}} on your page to pop up that wonderful orange bar)
    • I've moved a conversation here because it was off the original topic
  • I'll respond on your page if:
    • I posted a comment there
  • I'll respond on the page I posted on if:
    • I responded to a comment you left on another user's page
    • I interjected in an already-ongoing conversation elsewhere

In general, I prefer to keep conversations together, so if I leave a comment on your talk page, I'd prefer to have replies there. However, if you don't want replies there, it's perfectly fine with me to have a back-and-forth between talk pages; I'll just double-post my comments on both my (this) page and yours. Note that I will probably change indent levels for your comment to make the conversation flow, but that's about it. My policy is generally to never interfere with other editors' talk preferences, so I'll generally accommodate whatever you want to do.

If you are a classmate of mine, please add the following to the end of your comment/question: Identifier (Fellow Student) ~~~~, where Identifier is either your first name or initials. That way, I can get an idea of who's talking to me. Thanks!