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Hi! Please talk to me and tell me what I should do.
-WarriorFIRESTAR,thanks WarriorFIRESTAR (talk) 19:40, 21 October 2008 (UTC)


Hello, WarriorFIRESTAR! Welcome to Wikipedia! Thank you for your contributions. You may benefit from following some of the links below, which will help you get the most out of Wikipedia. If you have any questions you can ask me on my talk page, or place {{helpme}} on your talk page and ask your question there. Please remember to sign your name on talk pages by clicking Button sig.png or by typing four tildes "~~~~"; this will automatically produce your name and the date. If you are already loving Wikipedia you might want to consider being "adopted" by a more experienced editor or joining a WikiProject to collaborate with others in creating and improving articles of your interest. Click here for a directory of all the WikiProjects. Finally, please do your best to always fill in the edit summary field. Happy editing! ╟─Treasury§Tagcontribs─╢ 19:41, 21 October 2008 (UTC)
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Question at Wikipedia:Reference desk/Miscellaneous regarding pictures[edit]

Hey, I tried to answer your question at Wikipedia:Reference desk/Miscellaneous about pictures the best I could; however the question was kind of vague. Could you look at my response there and tell me if this helps you find the answer you were looking for, or if you could clarify there WHAT you really meant, that would be most helpful... Thanks!!! 20:00, 21 October 2008 (UTC)

AH! I left a more detailed response. I hope this is what you were looking for. Later! 20:19, 21 October 2008 (UTC)
Hey, no need to hold a "vote" per say. Leave your notice up for a week or so, if no one responds, then boldly remove the picture. See WP:BOLD. Its one of Wikipedia's core principles. 20:36, 21 October 2008 (UTC)

Hey, no problem[edit]

Not a problem at all. If you have any specific questions about using Wikipedia, or want me to look over your work, just drop me a note at my talk page. I will help out any way you need. I am always availible to look over anything you need, or to help you do anything you don't understand! 20:27, 21 October 2008 (UTC)

In favor or not?[edit]

Um, Jayron32, are you in favor or not? I mean, you don't HAVE to be in my mini-contest, but...

-WarriorFIRESTAR (talk) 20:44, 21 October 2008 (UTC), thanks.

P.S.- If you want to be in my contest, just tell if if you want the fruit fly picture to be on the Allopatric speciation page or not, and that's it! PLEASE POST YOUR ANSWER ON THIS PAGE.

Allopatric speciation and disruptive editing[edit]

WarriorFIRESTAR, I encountered your question regarding image removal on the Reference Desk. After poking around, I've registered my strong disagreement with your proposed removal at Talk:Allopatric speciation (which is the appropriate venue for that discussion -- your talk page is not). The image is relevant to the article and the claim made is well-supported. However, I'm more troubled by your comments about a "contest" above. I hope I have misinterpreted, but I find it suggests that your proposal is a contest rather than an effort to improve the encyclopedia. If that is the case, please be advised that we do not look favorably on such activity. If I'm wrong, then my apologies. — Lomn 21:28, 21 October 2008 (UTC)

Lomn is right, WarriorFIRESTAR. You may want to reword your request at Talk:Allopatric speciation. The appropriate place to discuss changes to an article is on the talk page FOR the article you wish to change. It makes little sense to have the discussion on your talk page, since the article is the thing you wish to change. Also, see WP:CONSENSUS, at Wikipedia we don't hold "votes" or take "polls" of other users, we discuss things openly, listen to each others reasonings, and arrive at a consensus on how to proceed. 21:37, 21 October 2008 (UTC)
I should be clear, though -- the challenge itself seems fine. While "I know this is wrong" isn't an argument we generally accept, the image's use of "eight generations" was poorly sourced. I've corrected this now (thus my disagreement), but you were right to bring it up. — Lomn 22:43, 21 October 2008 (UTC)

OH! Well I just became a user and didn't know.=( -WarriorFIRESTAR (talk) 00:15, 22 October 2008 (UTC),SORRY!

User page[edit]

You are probably wondering why your user page has turned red. There was some material on it that should not have been there so I deleted it. Here is what you had with a bit removed;

"Hi! I'm WarriorFIRESTAR. If you'd like to talk with me, I'd be pleased.

I've edited many pages before I became a user. Las vegas, Warriors (novel series), Recife, and a lot more. Go ahead, edit this page."

Cheers. CambridgeBayWeather Have a gorilla 13:46, 22 October 2008 (UTC)