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File:Nico Minardos publicity photo.jpg[edit]

Thanks for noting the issue with File:Nico Minardos publicity photo.jpg. The license metadata has been corrected to show public domain status of content. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Bayscribe (talkcontribs)

I would like your opinion[edit]

You left a message on my talk page a long time ago . That is how I choose you for this. My user id is mcb133aco and when I am too lazy to login the IP is On 20 Jan I made an edit to the USS Mifflin article as I thought it was written in a redundent manner. It was undone. I did not check for that at the time as I thought I may not have saved the edit(something I manage to do now and again). I redid the edit and had it undone. Now I checked. A user XPennsy22X had done that. I checked other edits I had done and XPennsy22X had undone one other with no stated reason. In addition, my user history prior to contact with XPennsy22X was deleted for the IP 184.97245.52. That was an administrative action and I believe Pennys22 is an administrator As to the other article undo, it was the article on the Seabees, specifically the paragraph on ANTARCTICA. I am a former Seabee that was in Antarctica and I happened to actually work on the Ice runway mentioned in the article. My edits made it read more correctly. I asked Pennsy22 why they returned the article to a state of less accuracy and why the redundacies in the USS Mifflin article? Which got me a SOCK PUPPIT complaint with Wikipedia. Now, a template has appeared at the top of the primary article I have worked on Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133. It is for a legitimate concern of Wikipedia- bare URLs for citations. However, when I went to the other article I had added a reference and link on, the same template was at the top of the page. (the 4th Marine Division) So I checked the history and guess who left them? They are legit in themselves. I corrected 4 or 5 of those citations first thing this morning. When I came back they were gone like it had never been done So, then I did them all and they remain. But, my ability to upload images to Wiki Commons has been restricted for both my user ID and the IP stated. When I click on the upload tab the entire box disappears. So - your thoughts please. I expect you know exactly what to do and how to do it. When that other user mentioned me on their page I received an email stating that my ID had been mentioned on that user's page. So, I added the Xs to the other ID to negate however that notificataion process works as I think that other user is vindictive. I would rather find out from you that I have misjudged than to find out from them. If you check the 133 article history for the IP 185 you will see the deleted user history goes back to Sept 2015. Sorry to bother you with this and thank you for your time. It says to sign with tides. I do not see anyone has used them on your page so if I get wrong sorry. Mcb133aco (talk)mcb133acoMcb133aco (talk)

I am apologising for my own mistakes[edit]

I first of all apologise to what I had done today.Sorry for that.I didn't not know about the fact that getting license to a certain image wasn't easy.Please for give me.Here after I won't upload any images to wikipedia.Thank You.Abishe (talk) 12:28, 19 April 2017 (UTC)

North Sunflower Medical Center[edit]

I am a fairly new user to Wikipedia, and I finally just now saw the notifications (the bell icon) from back in February in regarding speedy deletion of North Sunflower Medical Center page. The notifications were from you, but the speedy deletion was carried out by user DGG. In both cases you mentioned (certain sections of text and one image), I did have permission from the copyright holder, and they can email proof of that from their domain. However, since I just now figured out how to view these notifications, the speedy deletion is long past. I'm not sure how to proceed next. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Elevenrivers (talkcontribs) 16:05, 3 May 2017 (UTC) Elevenrivers (talk) 16:08, 3 May 2017 (UTC)

Proof that the material is being released under a free license needs to be provided from the copyright holder. See Wikipedia:Requesting copyright permission. I will add that in many cases, even if the permission is given, the material may be deemed inappropriate if it is considered promotional. Also, if you have a conflict of interest, you will need to declare it, -- Whpq (talk) 11:04, 4 May 2017 (UTC)

Yes, this is permission from the copyright holder. Provided to whom? And yes, declaration of conflict of interest was made and is still on my user page, per Wikipedia instructions. So what happens now? Elevenrivers (talk) 14:57, 4 May 2017 (UTC)

Please read Wikipedia:Requesting copyright permission. There is a link to a form letter tat can be used as a tamplate for a permission letter and there is information on where this permission is to be sent. -- Whpq (talk) 17:30, 4 May 2017 (UTC)

5/17/17 Update: Permission has been confirmed and sent to Permissions at Wikimedia. However, step 3. cannot be completed due to page already having been deleted "Add "OTRS pending" to the image description page or article talk page (whichever is applicable). This will help an editor with access to OTRS to tag the article or image with "PermissionOTRS|ticket=" providing evidence of the received e-mail and clearing the status of the item in question. Providing the link to the OTRS ticket number is essential for easy verification." — Preceding unsigned comment added by Elevenrivers (talkcontribs) 14:48, 17 May 2017 (UTC) Elevenrivers (talk)

I will add that the items in question are simply a photo of the facility and some details of the history of the facility that use the same language as the facility's website. Not sure why the entire page needed to be marked for speedy deletion for those two items, rather than edited. The facility in question seems notable because it is an award-winning rural hospital serving one of the most economically disadvantaged parts of the United States, during an era when many rural hospitals have shut down or consolidated due to budget cuts. — Preceding unsigned comment added by Elevenrivers (talkcontribs) 14:52, 17 May 2017 (UTC) Elevenrivers (talk)

You can discuss restoring the deleted article with the deleting administrator, User:DGG and explain that you have an OTRS ticket to confirm the release of material under a free license. -- Whpq (talk) 18:38, 17 May 2017 (UTC)

Reverted Edit.[edit]

I've reverted the edit because when you type Lappan Chhappan on google.Google scans the first paragraph from wikipedia so you have to keep the plot on the top.

If you have any problems please contact me on my userpage My Userpage

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. It Google's summary is not grabbing the right information, that's Google's problem. What you have done is contrary to the proper layout of the article, and is in fact straight out wrong as the lead is stuffed into a section called plot when it isn't the plot. I've reverting your change. -- Whpq (talk) 17:45, 12 May 2017 (UTC)

Please read this article CAREFULLY!!!![edit] — Preceding unsigned comment added by Bipin Sapkota (talkcontribs) 17:54, 12 May 2017 (UTC)

What of it? It doesn't say to stick plot first. -- Whpq (talk) 17:59, 12 May 2017 (UTC)

File:Anne-Marie Green..PNG[edit]

I have disputed this file and proved I am the Original uploader of the video and channel it was on ( (talk) 02:37, 15 May 2017 (UTC)

New Page Review - Newsletter No.4[edit]

Hello Whpq,
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