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This user is no longer very active on Wikipedia.

Primary sources[edit]

It may well be the case that the Watch Tower Society is your one source of information in this world. But will you please desist from using it as a source in articles where it is clearly inappropriate and where there are far better secondary sources much less likely to show a bias in coverage of historic events. BlackCab (TALK) 03:50, 16 March 2016 (UTC)

Please refrain from using this page for your editorial comments, discussions of content for pages needs to be directed to that pages talk page. If you can provide better source material please feel free to do so, but in 8 years you nor any other editor has yet to accomplish this Please cease and desist from WP:Hounding me on every page I edit, and deleting such edits WP:VD because you don't like the content. It would be good to see you make efforts to work within the group in a spirit of cooperation rather than showing constant hostility. I look forward to seeing the "NEW YOU" and thank you in advance for your efforts to work in cooperation. Willietell (talk) 00:50, 17 March 2016 (UTC)

I have no interest in hounding you. Since almost all your edits are on JW-related pages, where you seek to promote that religion and its views and publications, they appear on my list of watched pages. I take interest in your edits at those pages, because they form a pattern which is of great concern. That is precisely why they are almost routinely reverted by multiple editors who have greater regard for Wikipedia policies than you have. BlackCab (TALK) 02:07, 21 March 2016 (UTC)

Not weasel words[edit]

Two of your recent edits at the NWT article made reference to "weasel words"[1]. Please note that using words such as claim is not an example of weasel words, which actually refers to unattributed claims.

Whilst there can be issues with words such as claim because they can make text seem less neutral, the word "claim" isn't a 'forbidden' word on Wikipedia, and it is not always necessary to remove, particularly when the alternative word (e.g. profess) means exactly the same thing. Especially since 2000, JW literature has preferred the word "claim" over "profess" when making references to those who claim to be 'anointed'. In fact, the Watch Tower Society hasn't used "profess" in this way since 2003.--Jeffro77 (talk) 07:47, 23 March 2016 (UTC)