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If you've posted here and expect a reply from me, look for it here.

Earl King Jr.[edit]

Information icon There is currently a discussion at Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents regarding an issue with which you may have been involved. Thank you.


Since you have been involved in the past with some of this dispute, perhaps you would like to include your opinion. Grammar'sLittleHelper (talk) 17:46, 2 July 2015 (UTC)

Nope, but thanks. Willondon (talk) 03:57, 4 July 2015 (UTC)

Box-office bomb guy[edit]

I mentioned your name in passing at ANI in this thread. Feel free to comment or not, as you wish. Binksternet (talk) 21:14, 12 July 2015 (UTC)

I don't know what I could add to the capable whack-a-moling already going on right now. I remain observant, though. Willondon (talk) 02:30, 13 July 2015 (UTC)

Reason for revert?[edit]

Hi, what is the reason for this revert?

She has a speech impediment. TiMike (talk) 14:17, 13 July 2015 (UTC)

I'm not sure what to add to my edit summary ("unsourced, what speech impediment?"). I've seen her in acting roles, and heard her being interviewed, and I don't know what speech impediment you could be referring to. I believe you're editing in good faith, but sometimes you have to keep in mind the ignorant reader like me. I'm sure if you explain it to me I'll feel embarrassingly obtuse, but I'll at least be the wiser. Willondon (talk) 14:33, 13 July 2015 (UTC)

Dan Vs. is a Cartoon Network acquired show[edit]

Cartoon Network maked fourth season of Dan Vs. as official, and also, i am Gabucho181, my IP is a sockpuppet, (talk) 00:40, 16 July 2015 (UTC)

The funny thing is, I might one day find the time to check out whether or not Dan Vs. was actually acquired by Cartoon Network. The editor might well be right, but I guess we won't know until I get off my ass and check (unlikely), or the editor at replaces invective and a long string of dots with a reference (unlikelier). Life is worth nothing, except for the mysteries. (Feel free, dear reader, to correct the record at Dan Vs.) Willondon (talk) 01:29, 8 September 2015 (UTC)

Déjà vu[edit]

I see that you're still in talks with our old friend, Peace is contagious... do you still believe he's any reparable? EauZenCashHaveIt (I'm All Ears) 00:19, 17 July 2015 (UTC)

I admit that my assessment of incompetence was premature. [1] In recent edits, I've seen competence mixed in with complete failure to engage with community. [2] Whether or not we are any reparable depends on how other editors deal with us. Willondon (talk) 00:33, 17 July 2015 (UTC)
He's back at it on Better Call Saul, and has asked Dougweller, who blocked him yesterday, to settle the matter. I dropped a message on Drmies' talk page, since he blocked the last time, and warned PIC that an indef was in the cards if he started again. It's all the same jazz about Smailville summaries being the correct formula, thematic summaries, and the rest. I reverted twice, but he's added the new adornment of calling anyone who reverts him a vandal. He got a touch abusive on my talk page, but I let that go, then left a fairly detailed message on Dougweller's talk, giving him a bit of history. We'll see what he does from here. --Drmargi (talk) 10:16, 18 July 2015 (UTC)
And while we're on the subject, inflammatory comments like your last one at BCS [3] just spur PIC on. Please delete it. --Drmargi (talk) 23:40, 18 July 2015 (UTC)
It's an observation, and - as history has showed - quite an astute one. I can't believe the arrow has spun the wrong way, again. EauZenCashHaveIt (I'm All Ears) 22:21, 19 July 2015 (UTC)
Maybe because you seem to view these situations as two different parties sitting 180 degrees across from each other, with an inscrutable arrow pointing in condemnation of one or the other. Instead, try to think of these controversies as an increasingly pressured sphere of spit-balls, whose eventual explosion leaves no editor unscathed. No less unpleasant, but it might make more sense that way, and guide your editing. Willondon (talk) 22:33, 19 July 2015 (UTC)


I'm not adding fake members Guitargaskarth (talk) 13:47, 27 August 2015 (UTC)

I assume you refer to my edit here. Willondon (talk) 20:03, 29 August 2015 (UTC)

List of Orange Is the New Black episodes[edit]

Why did You revert me? Best regards. Andrzej19 (talk) 16:53, 8 September 2015 (UTC)

I assume you refer to the edit here. My edit summary said "not an improvement, in my opinion". That means I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong with it, but overall, I think the article was better before the edit.
The edit added "The flashbacks explain how RJ died, after he had tried to start his own drug business. Vee decided to use dirty cop to eliminate RJ. Back to Litchfield, at". There is no previous mention of "the flashbacks" or who "RJ" is. The phrase "decided to use dirty cop" isn't grammatically sound. I've watched the show, so I know what you mean, but I don't think the addition improves the article for the reader who has no prior knowledge.
On my user page, I've written a paragraph on "What is 'not an improvement'?". That explains what I mean, and if you reconsider your edit, and tweak it a little, I won't object again. I'll let you and the other readers of the article decide if it still needs to be changed. Cheers. Willondon (talk) 21:02, 8 September 2015 (UTC)


Thanks for the information. I haven't done a block in around 5 years now so I just forgot where to go for the most part. Figured I'd just contact an admin to handle the situation. I'll be sure to place the nomination up sometime tonight.--WillC 21:32, 12 September 2015 (UTC)

Mrmike1695 et al sockpuppet diffs requested[edit]

Hey there, hope is well with you. FYI many of his named accounts were blocked, but if you know of any specific instances of some of those IPs making the same changes, please let the good people know over at: . Thanks! Have an agreeable day. JesseRafe (talk) 15:49, 15 September 2015 (UTC)

Going forward, I'll certainly report any fingerprints I find to SPI re Mrmike. I usually like to focus on edits, not editors, but in this case... more on that after I reflect. Cheers. Willondon (talk) 17:07, 15 September 2015 (UTC)
Thanks. I didn't have as strong links with the IPs as the blocked created accounts. I agree on edits not editors except when it gets to the point of exasperation with the same edits over and over again. Frankly, the wiki bureaucracy is too much for me and seems to be more focused on formatting than action, so it takes me a while to ever even start a sockpuppet investigation or ANI. I also, didn't find a good diff for that additional user you suggested, but I didn't have the time to hunt for a specific one. JesseRafe (talk) 17:14, 15 September 2015 (UTC)
I understand... more on that after I reflect. I need to take the time I need. Cheers. Willondon (talk) 17:25, 15 September 2015 (UTC)

From 2606:A000:486E:5A00:BDE1:F1C6:D85A:9343[edit]

Thanks for the info in such a way. It seems to have worked for me like this. What about you? But also much more importantly, where is your next gig? — Preceding unsigned comment added by 2606:A000:486E:5A00:BDE1:F1C6:D85A:9343 (talk) 07:52, 2 October 2015 (UTC)

Slaughter at Altamont[edit]

1. Hunter was not merely stabbed to death, but was also severely beaten up before and after the stabbing which is why he brandished the gun in the first place; 2. not one shot was fired on Dec 6. AlterBerg (talk) 06:13, 5 October 2015 (UTC)

Continued discussion at Talk:Mick Jagger#Slaughter at Altamont -- Willondon (talk) 13:20, 5 October 2015 (UTC)