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non-existent site(Deconstructhis)

With respect the site is existent; is the meaning of "non-existent" different in the Wiki world?

After years of suggesting to others that they start adding to the Paisley site, I've started to do it myself. I view this with trepidation. I've been following Wikipedia since the beginning, but I've never contributed. I must say that the language of the encyclopedia has become more standardized over time, and I'm not sure if I can write in the genre.

I'm interested in your interests. Your the second person I've known that knew of the Church of the SubGenius. Further I note your interest in Iroquoian cultures. The pioneer history of Paisley is well written, but not the native history. Artifacts have been found in Paisley dating from the late Archaic, but I have no reference to peer-reviewed "truthization" of this presence. Can you recommend sources I can look through for citations?