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Yerunkar is an Indian family name, common among the Konkanstha 96 Kuli Maratha caste from the Western Coast of Maharashtra, India.The origin of the Yerunkar family is believed to be from the Raigad district situated in the Konkan region of Western Coast of Maharashtra.The alternate surname for Yerunkar is Ghatge.

The Kul Devatas (Family Deities) of this family are Shri Bhairi Bhavani and Kalkai Mata situated in the Raigad district of Konkan region. Their Gotra is Kashyap.

There are around 18 Villages of people with Yerunkar surname in the Konkan region of Western Coast of Maharashtra.These villages with Yerunkar surnames are popularly known as Half Saan Patta in the Konkan region.

Native places of Yerunkar are: Raigad, Mahad, Chandave-Khurd And Parle, Mahabaleshwar,Kawale Gaon, Kavala Khumbarda, Vinera, Mhasla, Poladpur, Satara et al

Relatives of Yerunkar are: Ghosalkar, Shinde, Chavan, Surve, Bhosale, Kadam, Sawant, Salvi, More, Sawant-Desai, Dalvi, Khanvilkar, Darekar, Surve, Salunke, Belose, Vichare, Dhar-Pawar, Mahamoonkar, Rane et al

The Forefathers of Yerunkar families took up several military roles since centuries. They have worked under the leadership of the legendary Maratha emperor the Great Chhatrapati Shivaji Raje Bhosale in the 17th century in India to conquer Forts of Maharashtra which were then under the control of the Mughal Empire.


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