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October 2015[edit]

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Your recent editing history at Gun politics in Ireland shows that you are currently engaged in an edit war. To resolve the content dispute, please do not revert or change the edits of others when you get reverted. Instead of reverting, please use the article's talk page to work toward making a version that represents consensus among editors. The best practice at this stage is to discuss, not edit-war. See BRD for how this is done. If discussions reach an impasse, you can then post a request for help at a relevant noticeboard or seek dispute resolution. In some cases, you may wish to request temporary page protection.

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I thought I'd return the warning, as you are equally complicit in reverting what I regard as perfectly reasonable edits. In addition, you have not followed any of the advice given in this template: please use the article's talk page to work toward making a version that represents consensus among editors. I have. And I have made effort to engage in discussion about your objection. I have also given a citation with regard to the correct grammar, as appropriate in English relevant to this article's region. Please note that I will be looking to find assistance from a (hopefully) objective third party, just as soon as I work out what and where I have to type something. Bear in mind that the 3RR rule a) does not have to be enforced - it's just a policy, and b) it can also be enforced if fewer than three reverts are made in a 24 hour period. Presumably it can also be enforced if three or more reverts are made outside a 24 hour period, too. It is my hope that asking for assistance from someone who is more experienced in how to deal with this kind of 'warring' will result in neither of us being blocked or otherwise punished. As a final note, before delving into the crazy world of Wikipedia red tape, I will say that I am perfectly fine with standing down on this issue if it can be proven to me that my grammatical changes to the article are in error. But I see no reason to keep reverting my edit with no good or reasonable evidence to back up your assertions and accusations, and without an attempt to enter into reasonable diaglogue. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 05:14, 8 October 2015‎

CIA invert[edit]

All the info is in the two new sources I added (Arago and the other). BF — Preceding unsigned comment added by BFolkman (talkcontribs) 18:30, 3 November 2015‎

Welcome to The Wikipedia Adventure![edit]

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Hi Ww2censor! We're so happy you wanted to play to learn, as a friendly and fun way to get into our community and mission. I think these links might be helpful to you as you get started.

-- 08:50, Wednesday, October 12, 2016 (UTC)

Welcome to The Wikipedia Adventure![edit]

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Hi Ww2censor! We're so happy you wanted to play to learn, as a friendly and fun way to get into our community and mission. I think these links might be helpful to you as you get started.

-- 17:28, Wednesday, August 9, 2017 (UTC)

Article Resubmitted Following Your Comments[edit]

Dear Ww2censor,

This is just to let you know that I have now formally resubmitted the article on which you gave me such helpful comments last month. It is much improved as a result. Fingers crossed!

Linnaean Street (talk) 13:57, 10 October 2017 (UTC) Linnaean Street

Thank you[edit]

Hadn't noticed that I'd put Biddy White Lennon in as c-class at all - thought I'd put them all in as stub. So thanks for catching that and upgrading it - I didn't think it was much better than stub. ☕ Antiqueight haver 18:37, 29 November 2017 (UTC)

Thanks Antiqueight for responding. No problem. For me, and I have assessed many hundreds, maybe even thousands of Irish articles, stub-quality is really only a few sentences and start has a few paragraphs, so this was easily a start-quality for me. However, it is all rather subjective. ww2censor (talk) 19:10, 29 November 2017 (UTC)

ArbCom 2017 election voter message[edit]

Scale of justice 2.svg Hello, Ww2censor. Voting in the 2017 Arbitration Committee elections is now open until 23.59 on Sunday, 10 December. All users who registered an account before Saturday, 28 October 2017, made at least 150 mainspace edits before Wednesday, 1 November 2017 and are not currently blocked are eligible to vote. Users with alternate accounts may only vote once.

The Arbitration Committee is the panel of editors responsible for conducting the Wikipedia arbitration process. It has the authority to impose binding solutions to disputes between editors, primarily for serious conduct disputes the community has been unable to resolve. This includes the authority to impose site bans, topic bans, editing restrictions, and other measures needed to maintain our editing environment. The arbitration policy describes the Committee's roles and responsibilities in greater detail.

If you wish to participate in the 2017 election, please review the candidates and submit your choices on the voting page. MediaWiki message delivery (talk) 18:42, 3 December 2017 (UTC)

New Page Reviewing[edit]

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Hello, Ww2censor.

As one of Wikipedia's most experienced Wikipedia editors,
Would you please consider becoming a New Page Reviewer? Reviewing/patrolling a page doesn't take much time but it requires a good understanding of Wikipedia policies and guidelines; currently Wikipedia needs experienced users at this task. (After gaining the flag, patrolling is not mandatory. One can do it at their convenience). But kindly read the tutorial before making your decision. Thanks. — Insertcleverphrasehere (or here) 08:19, 6 December 2017 (UTC)