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Going, going, gone. Don't bother leaving messages, they'll only be archived by the bot.

For those who wonder why I left after 6 years and over 50.000 edits, it's not the recent nagging by the Image Police. Some of their messages were correct, be it five years late, others nothing but pointless exercises in nitpicking, but that's not the main reason. More like the final straw. The reason I'm quitting is simple: I don't believe in this project anymore. I've taken breaks from WP before and everytime I returned I hoped to find some progress or improvement. Unfortunately that's never been the case. Vandalism and sockpuppetry is still rampant and will remain so until the community finally realises that proper user registration is the only way to stop it. But this is never going to happen, so fighting vandalism is an endless, pointless task. If all vandal fighters would stop for just a week the wiki would be damaged beyond belief, yet proper user registration is taboo. It does not make sense.

Other problems that are known and recognized continue to fester as well. The hoop-jumping circus known as RfA for example. Wikipedia is bleeding admins but do we solve the problem? Noooooo. Experienced editors that are willing to become admins have to follow the unwritten rules and fit some unrealistic profile. We could have had a lot more admins but because of this military-grade obstacle course we don't. People have known about this problem for the past 5 years, people recognize it, but is it solved? Nope.

Etcetera, etcetera. I've tried to make things more interesting for myself by moving away from vandal fighting and turning my attention to helpdesks and The Teahouse, but that didn't help. Re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Nothing is going to change here and because of that Wikipedia will always be unreliable, vandalized, and drowning in unsourced, irrelevant trivia. If this thing wants to go to the next level and become a proper encyclopedia, there have to be some serious changes. But these aren't going to happen, after 6 years I'm fairly sure about that, and therefore I don't want to put any more time or energy in it. I haven't seen any real improvements over the past years, there is no progress, I'm wasting my time.

I'd like to thank the editors I've worked with (you know who you are) and I'm signing off. Should you be looking for me, I've moved here. Take care.