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Steven L. Able (Steve Able) is the CTO of GT Software, Inc.[1], and author of several software products markets by GT. He was born in Oklahoma, but moved to Georgia, to join GT in 1984. He worked for the founder of GT Software, Inc. Joe Ganem when he was President of Altergo Software, Inc.. His mentor William Thompson (Retired) and co-founder of GT Software, Inc. was a major infulence on his management style and a driving force behind his success as a product designer and developer.

The first successful product designed and developed for GT was ASSIST/GT which is marketed as ASSIST/TS today and is in use at several Fortune 100 companies. WQL/GT was another successfull product for DB2 that later became part of the larger ASSIST/TS product offering was his second successful product. His design skills infulenced the direction of the highly successful BMS/GT product which provides Basic Mapping Support for the IBM product CICS. During the 1990's GT moved into the internet market with the product Novation which was the code base for the popular SOA product Ivory Service Architect which included the graphical IDE Ivory Studio. He and co-designer Roland Martin applied for the patent on Ivory Service Architect.

His design skills were put to the test late in 2008 when he designed and developed the zIIP support for the Ivory z/OS zServer. The new support allows IBM customers to offload part of the SOA work to the zIIP speciality engine. During the same time Roland Martin added support for the IBM XML parser which provided support for the zAAP processor.


The following is a list of the previous employers:

  • Consultant at UCC (Now CA Inc.)[2]
  • FOS Performance and Tuning at LEVI'S[3]
  • Product Manager at Insac / Altergo (No longer in existance)
  • Programmer Analysts at Progressive Farmer - Southern Living[4][5]
  • Programmer at South Oklahoma City Jr. College (Now Oklahoma City Community College)[6]

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  • [1] Linked in
  • [2] GT Software, Inc.


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