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Original author(s)Jamie Cameron
Initial releaseMarch 6, 2002 (version 0.4)
Stable release
1.720 / June 28, 2017; 3 years ago (2017-06-28)[1]
LicenseBSD-like licence

Usermin is a web-based user interface for Unix-like systems. It is a simplified version of Webmin, can be used by any user on a Unix system, and is distributed under the BSD licence. It consists of CGI programs in Perl that directly updates configuration files, and a simple web server. The package is written in Perl 5, and uses the Authen::PAM Perl module. It runs by default on port 20000.

Usermin is designed for normal users for the simple tasks of:

  • Reading mail.
  • Setting up SSH.
  • Configuring mail forwarding.

Notable people[edit]

  • Jamie Cameron: Developer of the original package, Webmin.
  • John Smith: Idea for Usermin and sponsorship for its development.


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