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View of Kagurazaka and Ushigome bridge to Edo Castle (牛込神楽坂の図) by Utagawa Hiroshige, 1840.

Ushigome (牛込, cow ranch) is the name of a neighborhood in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and a former ward (牛込区 Ushigome-ku) in the now-defunct Tokyo City. In 1947, when the 35 wards of Tokyo were reorganized into 23, it was merged with Yotsuya ward of Tokyo City and Yodobashi suburban ward of Tokyo-fu to form the modern Shinjuku ward.


Places named after Ushigome[edit]

Coordinates: 35°42′06.59″N 139°44′10.08″E / 35.7018306°N 139.7361333°E / 35.7018306; 139.7361333<!—Shinjuku-ku Ushigome branch office -->