Ushite Peak

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Coordinates: 42°36′42″N 23°16′13″E / 42.61167°N 23.27028°E / 42.61167; 23.27028

Ushite Peak from near Goli Vrah (‘Bald Peak’).

Ushite Peak (Bulgarian: Връх Ушите / ‘Ears Peak’) is a peak rising to 1,860 metres (6,100 ft) in northern Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria. The peak is situated on the northern border of Torfeno Branishte Nature Reserve, and 650 m south of Kamen Del Peak. A small refuge is situated on the northeastern slopes Ushite, off track between Aleko and Zlatnite Mostove, the two most popular tourist sites on Vitosha.

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