Ushkan Islands

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The Ushkan Islands (Russian — Ушканьи острова or Ushkanji Ostrova) are a small archipelago on Lake Baikal in Russia. The group of islands consists of four islands:

  • One large islandBig Ushkan Island, 9.5 km² or 3.7 sq mi.
  • Three islets: Long Ushkan Islet (1.25 km length), Thin Ushkan Islet (17 m height from Baikal's surface), and Round Ushkan Islet.

The islands are mainly composed of ancient (pre-Cambrian) crystallic limestone, and covered with larch forest. Islands' coastlines are rookery places of Baikal seals.

A part of Transbaikal National Park, the Ushkan Islands are becoming a popular tourist destination. Nevertheless, special permission is required for landing on the islands — such means are imposed to reduce the impact of human activity and to save the natural conditions of the islands.

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Coordinates: 53°51′N 108°37′E / 53.850°N 108.617°E / 53.850; 108.617