Usi County

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Usi County
Korean transcription(s)
 • Hanja 雩時郡
 • McCune–Reischauer Usi-gun
 • Revised Romanization Usi-gun
Location of Usi County
Country North Korea
Province Chagang Province
Administrative divisions 1 ŭp, 1 workers' district, 22 ri
 • Total 665 km2 (257 sq mi)
Population (1991 est.)
 • Total 33,000

Usi County is a kun, or county, in westernmost Chagang Province, North Korea. It looks across the Yalu River into the People's Republic of China. Within North Korea, it borders Chosan and Kopung to the east, Songwon to the south, and North Pyongan Province's Pyoktong county to the west. Originally part of Pyoktong, it was made a separate county in 1952 as part of a general reorganization of local government; in 1954, it was transferred from North Pyongan to Chagang.

There are no railroads in Usi, but it is connected by road to the neighboring districts of Chosan and Pyoktong, and beyond Pyoktong to Sinuiju. In addition, the Yalu is used for transportation. The stretch of the Yalu in Usi is part of the massive "Lake Supung", North Korea's largest reservoir.

The Yalu valley is farmed for rice, while the upland regions produce maize, potatoes, and sesame. There is little manufacturing. The county's Kaha-ri district is known for its medicinal waters.

Administrative divisions[edit]

Usi county is divided into one town (ŭp), one worker's district (rodongjagu), and 22 villages (ri).[1]

Chosŏn'gŭl Hancha
Usi-ŭp 우시읍
Palŭl-lodongjagu 발은노동자구 勞動
Kŭmsŏng-ri 금성리
Kŭmyang-ri 금양리
Usang-ri 우상리
Ujung-ri 우중리
Siha-ri 시하리
Sisang-ri 시상리
P'yŏlha-ri 별하리
P'yŏlsang-ri 별상리
Kaha-ri 가하리
Kajung-ri 가중리
Kasang-ri 가상리
P'yŏngsang-ri 평상리
Taep'yŏng-ri 대평리
Sangp'yŏng-ri 상평리
Hap'yŏng-ri 하평리
Puhŭng-ri 부흥리
Pukha-ri 북하리
Puksang-ri 북상리
Osang-ri 오상리
Oha-ri 오하리
Ryonghae-ri 룡해리
Hachang-ri 하창리

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