Usora (river)

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Usora ruchunga.jpg
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Physical characteristics
Main source 880 m (2,890 ft)[1]
River mouth Bosna
145 m (476 ft)[1]
44°42′20″N 18°04′09″E / 44.7055°N 18.0691°E / 44.7055; 18.0691Coordinates: 44°42′20″N 18°04′09″E / 44.7055°N 18.0691°E / 44.7055; 18.0691
Length 77.0 km (47.8 mi)[1]
Basin features
Progression BosnaSavaDanubeBlack Sea

Usora is a river in central-northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. It begins at the confluence of two smaller Usora rivers, Mala Usora and Velika Usora, at the town of Teslić. Usora runs for some 20 km northeast of Teslić, and becomes a left tributary of the Bosna River, south of Doboj. Its total length (including Velika Usora) is 77.0 km (47.8 mi).[1]


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