Ussuri Bay

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The Peter the Great Gulf: Amur Bay (west), Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula and Ussuri Bay (east).

Ussuri Bay (Russian: Уссурийский залив) is the north-eastern part of the Peter the Great Gulf.

It is 67 km long and 10–55 km wide. Its average depth is approximately 40 m (max 69 m).

Ussuri Bay is a popular recreation area in Primorsky Krai (Shamora). One recent feature that has been attracting tourists stems from tidal action, where the waves have pounded glass bottles that had washed up to the shore or been dumped there by nearby glass and porcelain factories into rounded glass pebbles. Rather than a danger, the glass on the beach is reported to be safe, according to the Siberian Times.[1][2]

Vladivostok is situated on a western coast of the bay, and Bolshoy Kamen on an eastern. Other settlements are Shkotovo, Yemar and Pod'yapolskoye.

The Eastern Bosphorus connects Amur Bay and Ussuri Bay. Artemovka, Shkotovka, Sukhodol, Petrovka rivers flow into Ussuri Bay.


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Coordinates: 43°02′00″N 132°09′00″E / 43.03333°N 132.15000°E / 43.03333; 132.15000