Utada United 2006

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Utada United 2006
Tour by Utada Hikaru
Associated album Ultra Blue
Start date July 1, 2006
End date September 10, 2006
Legs 1
No. of shows 22 in Japan

Utada United 2006 was a 2006 concert tour by Japanese American pop singer-songwriter Hikaru Utada.

Set list[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Opening (Exodus opening track)"  
2. "Passion"  
3. "This Is Love"  
4. "Traveling"  
5. "Movin' on Without You"  
6. "Sakura Drops"  
7. "Final Distance"  
8. "First Love"  
9. "Untitled (Video interlude)"  
10. "Devil Inside"  
11. "Kremlin Dusk"  
12. "You Make Me Want to Be a Man"  
13. "Be My Last"  
14. "Dareka no Negai ga Kanau Koro"  
15. "Colors"  
16. "Can You Keep a Secret?"  
17. "Addicted To You"  
18. "Wait & See (Risk)"  
19. "Letters"  
20. "Keep Tryin'"  
21. "Automatic"  
22. "Hikari"  

The show[edit]

The four outfits worn on the tour.

During the filmed concert, Utada wore 4 different outfits. The first outfit worn was a long, tattered, black and white outfit(which seemingly resembled a wedding dress), with pieces of cloth that hung a little above her ankles. Near the shoulders, this dress seemed to puff out, or become feather-like. She sang her first 7 songs in this outfit. Then she wore a leather-like coat, that resembled a ballroom gown from the waist down. She sang her Exodus songs in this dress. When looked at closely, you can see that underneath it was the next outfit, which was a red dress. It had strips near the shoulders, and allowed her to move more, A feature which was helpful in performances like Can You Keep A Secret? and Wait & See ~Risk~. She sang the next 8 songs in this particular outfit. The last outfit, which was very light compared to the rest, had a small blue skirt and a light pink top. In this outfit, she sang her last 2 songs, Automatic and Hikari. In some of early performances, she substituted the pink top with a black blouse. Underneath all of the outfits was a black sleeve-less leotard and black knee high boots with wedge heels.

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country
July 1, 2006 Sendai Japan
July 2, 2006
July 8, 2006 Shizuoka
July 9, 2006
July 15, 2006 Fukuoka
July 16, 2006
July 25, 2006 Osaka
July 26, 2006
August 4, 2006 Niigata
August 5, 2006
August 17, 2006 Nagoya
August 18, 2006
August 24, 2006 Sapporo
August 25, 2006
August 29, 2006 Ehime
August 29, 2006
September 2, 2006 Hiroshima
September 3, 2006
September 9, 2006 Tokyo
September 10, 2006