Utagawa Yoshitaki

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Signatures of Utagawa Yoshitaki reading from left to right:
•“Yoshitaki ga” (芳滝 画)
•“Ichiyōsai Yoshitaki” (一養斎 芳滝)
•“Ichiyōtei Yoshitaki ga” (一養亭 芳滝 画)
•“Satonoya Yoshitaki” (里の家 芳滝)

Utagawa Yoshitaki (歌川 芳滝, April 13, 1841 – June 28, 1899), who is also known as Ichiyōsai Yoshitaki (一養斎 芳滝), was a Japanese designer of ukiyo-e woodblock prints who was active in both Edo (Tokyo) and Osaka. He was also a painter and newspaper illustrator. His father was a paste merchant, and Yoshitaki became a student of Utagawa Yoshiume (1819–1879). Yoshitaki was the most prolific designer of woodblock prints in Osaka from the 1860s to the 1880s, producing more than 1,200 different prints, almost all of kabuki actors.



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