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The Utah Division of Arts & Museums is an agency of the state government of Utah, responsible for the promotion of Utah arts and museums. It is a division of the Utah Department of Heritage and Arts. The Utah Division of Arts & Museums includes the Utah Office of Museum Services and the Utah Arts Council as advisory and policy-making boards.

The Utah Division of Arts & Museums primary offices are located in the Glendinning Home, next to the Governor's Mansion in Salt Lake City. The folk arts, arts education, and literary arts programs are housed in the Chase Home Museum of Utah Folk Arts. The visual, public, and design arts programs operate from offices in the Rio Grande Depot in Salt Lake City. The Division maintains two public galleries: the Alice Gallery at the Glendinning Home, which exhibits artwork from Utah's State Fine Art Collection and Traveling Exhibition Program; and the Rio Gallery, located at the Rio Grande Depot. The Rio Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting the artwork of Utah's contemporary artists.

The Director of the Utah Division of Arts and Museums is Lynnette Hiskey.

Utah Arts Council[edit]

The Utah Arts Council was established in 1899 as the Utah Art Institute through the passage of the "Art Bill," legislation drafted by Utah Rep. Alice Merrill Horne (an artist, arts patron, and the first woman elected to the Utah State House of Representatives) and fellow artist George M. Ottinger.

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