Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

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Utah Division of Wildlife Resources
Agency overview
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Headquarters Salt Lake City, Utah
Minister responsible
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Agency executive
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Parent agency Utah Department of Natural Resources
Child agencies
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Website http://wildlife.utah.gov

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is part of the Utah Department of Natural Resources for the state of Utah in the United States. The mission of the Division of Wildlife Resources is to serve the people of Utah as trustee and guardian of the state's wildlife.[1][2] In addition to managing and protecting Utah's wildlife, UDWR manages hunting and fishing opportunities within the state.

Regions and operations[edit]

The division operates five regions headquartered in Ogden, Utah (Northern Region), Vernal, Utah (Northeastern Region), Springville, Utah (Central Region), Price, Utah (Southeastern Region), and Cedar City, Utah (Southern Region).[3] The division operates two hunter safety centers Salt Lake City, Utah (Lee Kay Shooting Center) and in Logan, Utah (Cache Valley Shooting Range). The division is also responsible for the Hardware Ranch near Hyrum, Utah, The Great Salt Lake Nature Center in Farmington, Utah, the Great Basin Research Center in Ephraim, Utah.

Fish Hatcheries[edit]

The division maintains ten production hatcheries, a research facility and a warmwater hatchery to stock Utah's streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs with sportfish. Hatcheries are located throughout the state.[4]

  • J. Perry Egan Hatchery
  • Fisheries Experiment Station
  • Fountain Green Hatchery
  • Glenwood Hatchery
  • Kamas Hatchery
  • Loa Hatchery
  • Mammoth Creek Hatchery
  • Mantua Hatchery
  • Midway Hatchery
  • Springville Hatchery
  • Wahweap Warmwater Hatchery
  • Whiterocks Hatchery



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