Utah State Route 257

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State Route 257 marker

State Route 257
Route information
Defined by Utah Code §72-4-131
Maintained by UDOT
Length69.246 mi[1] (111.441 km)
Major junctions
South end SR-21 in Milford
North end US-6 / US-50 in Hinckley
Highway system
  • State highways in Utah

State Route 257 is a highway in central Utah that runs from the junction of SR-21 in Milford to US-6/US-50 sixty-nine miles (111 kilometers) to the north in Hinckley. There are no junctions with any other state highways along SR-257.

Route description[edit]

From its southern terminus in Beaver County, SR-257 generally north until Black Rock, where it makes a turn to the northwest. It stays north-northwest until the northern terminus of the route, located in Millard County. Most of the route is paralleled by the Union Pacific Railroad.[2]


The northernmost piece of SR-257 became a state highway in 1933 as part of State Route 140, a short connection from SR-27 (now US-6) near Hinckley south to Deseret and east via Oasis to SR-26 (now US-50) at Harding.[3] The remainder was not created until 1955, when the state legislature added the road between SR-21 in Milford and SR-140 at Deseret to the state highway system as SR-257.[4] A short loop through downtown Hinckley, heading west from SR-140 on 2500 South and north on Main Street to SR-27, was added as State Route 240 in 1966 but dropped from the state highway system in 1969.[5] With the deletion of SR-140 in 1969, SR-257 assumed its current extent, replacing the north–south piece of SR-140.[6]

Major intersections[edit]

BeaverMilford0.0000.000 SR-21 (Center Street)Southern terminus
MillardHinckley69.246111.441 US-6 / US-50 – Ely, Salina, ProvoNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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