Utameshgaray of Kazan

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Ütämeşgäräy (pronounced [ytæmeʃɡæˈræɪ], also spelled Ütämeş, Ötemiş Giray, Utyamysh; frequently anglicized as Ötemish Giray via Crimean Tatar) (1546–1566) was a khan of Kazan Khanate in 1549-1551. He was a son of Safagäräy and Söyembikä. He was crowned after father's death, but the actual ruler was his mother. During the siege of Kazan in 1551 pro-muscovite nobility betrayed him and Soyembika to Russian tsar Ivan IV. In January, 1553 he was baptized as Alexander.

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Preceded by
Safa Giray
Khan of Kazan
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