Uthman bin Ali Zayla'i

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Uthman bin Ali Zayla'i
Title Al Zayla'i
Born -
Died 1342
Ethnicity Somali
Era 14th century
Region Horn of Africa/North Africa
Religion Islam
Jurisprudence Hanafi
Main interest(s) Islamic philosophy, Islamic Jurisprudence

Uthman bin Ali Zayla'i (Arabic: عثمان بن علي الزيلعي‎‎) (d. 1342) was a 14th-century Somali theologian and jurist from Zeila.[1]


Zayla'i traveled extensively throughout the Muslim world during his lifetime. He eventually settled in Cairo, Egypt, where he joined other Somali students at the Riwaq al Zayla'i of the Al Azhar University.

Uthman wrote several books on Islamic jurisprudence, one of which is considered to be the single most authoritative text on the Hanafi school of Islam. Consisting of four volumes, it is known as the Tabayin al-Haqa’iq li Sharh Kanz al-Daqa’iq.


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