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Nat Geo Kids
Natgeo Kids logo.svg
Launched July 1, 2017 (Latin America)
October 3, 2017 (Brazil)
Network Fox Networks Group Latin America
Owned by 21st Century Fox
National Geographic Society
Picture format 1080i (HDTV) (rescaled to 480i/576i (16:9) for the standard channel resolution signal)
Slogan Despierta tu curiosidad
(Awaken your curiosity)
Country Latin America and the Caribbean countries
Language Spanish/Portuguese
English (SAP)
Broadcast area Latin America and Brazil
Formerly called MundoFox (2013-2017)
Replaced MundoFox (Latin America)
Sister channel(s) Baby TV, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, Cinecanal, Fox, FX, Fox Premium, Fox Life, Cinecanal, Film Zone, Fox Sports, Fox Sports 2, Fox Sports 3

Nat Geo Kids is a cable channel television owned by 21st Century Fox,[1] National Geographic Society and operated by Fox Networks Group in Latin America and the Caribbean. The content of the channel consists of educational cartoons, exploration programs, science, adventure and environmental conservation and children's series.

The channel was launched on April 8, 1996 as Utilísima, but it was rebranded on November 4, 2013 as MundoFox; many of Utilísima's programs were moved to Fox Life Latin America. On July 1, 2017, the channel was rebranded and reformatted as Nat Geo Kids.[2] The Brazilian version of the channel is planned to be launched on September 1, 2017.[3]

Feed structure[edit]

  • Panregional (Spanish): broadcasting in Latin America and the Caribbean. Its reference schedules correspond to those of Mexico City (UTC-6/-5), Caracas (UTC-4), Buenos Aires (UTC-3) and Bogotá (UTC-5)
  • Brazil (Portuguese): broadcasting in Brazil.



As MundoFox and MundoMax, 2013-2017.

Current Programming[edit]



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