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Directed by Sunil Kumar Desai
Produced by Sunil Kumar Desai
Written by Sunil Kumar Desai
Starring Devraj,
Vanitha Vasu
Music by Gunasingh
Cinematography P.Rajan
Edited by R.Janardhan
Release date
Running time
Country India
Language Kannada

Utkarsha (Kannada: ಉತ್ಕರ್ಷ) is a 1990 Kannada movie by Sunil Kumar Desai starring Devraj. The concept of the movie is based on Jack the Ripper.

Plot details[edit]

Devraj plays a psychopathic killer in this movie. Because of his wife committing adultery, he starts hating females. And when he sees a female laughing his psycho instincts are aroused and he kills that female, but he doesn't rape them. Just sees them nude and puts a knife through their throats. Also starts dancing and singing around their dead bodies. Throughout this film you see him killing models (Abhilasha, Amrutha, Anjali, his wife) in the nude. Ambarish is the cop doing all the investigation.