Siddhi Vinayak

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Siddhi Vinayak
Sidvin TV.jpg
Hindiसिद्धि विनायक
Created byPrashant Bhatt
Sanjay Memane


Deepak Chavan Santosh Bhatt
Written byRenu Watwani
Vishal Watwani
Salil Sand
Agam gaurav
StarringSee below
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes320
Producer(s)Prashant Bhatt
Sanjay Memane
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running timeApprox 22 minutes
Production company(s)Studio B & M
Original network&TV
Picture format576i
1080i (HDTV)
Original release26 October 2017 (2017-10-26) –
18 January 2019 (2019-01-18)
Related showsPratidaan
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Siddhi Vinayak is an Indian romantic television series. The show aired on 26 October 2017 on &TV. The series is produced by Prashant Bhatt and Sanjay Memane.The Show Went Off Air In January 2019 After Having a Successful Run.Main Bhi Ardhangini Replaced Siddhi Vinayak.[1][2]


Siddhi Vinayak is a show about Siddhi Joshi (Neha Saxena), a junior dancer, and Vinayak "Vin" Kundra (Nitin Goswami), superstar actor. The show is about the immense hatred they have for each other, which eventually turns into love. Then enters Vin's stepmother, Manjari (Utkarsha Naik), who acts as a doting mother to Vin, but in reality just wants his money and wants Siddhi out of his life. When everything seems good in Siddhi and Vin's married life, Siddhi has an accident, in which she is forced to go through plastic surgery and change her face. No one in Siddhi's life is able to recognize her and she tries to squeeze herself back into Vin's life.

She eventually succeeds, but is soon hit with another shocking news. The face she has received is the face of a woman named Riddhi Sinha (Farnaz Shetty), wife of Shivam Sen (Shardul Pandit) and mother of Juhi (Ayesha Vindhara). Shivam comes to Kundra Mansion to take back his wife, and convinces everyone in the Kundra family that Siddhi is his wife Riddhi. Manjari, who knows the truth, goes along with Shivam. Vin finds out Riddhi is in fact his wife Siddhi, tries to get her back.

In order to create some drama, Manjari kidnaps Juhi and acts like Shivam kidnapped her and sends a video to Vin. Vin comes to save Manjari and Juhi, but Manjari shoots Shivam and kills him. Juhi sees this, but is threatened by Manjari not to speak. When police come, Vin takes the blame and goes to jail. Siddhi figures out Manjari is the murderer of Shivam and is trying to kill her, through Juhi. Manjari sends Kabir, to kill Vin while he is in jail, but Vin is able to escape in the shootout. Vin goes to Siddhi and Siddhi vows to keep Vin safe until she is able to prove him innocent. Siddhi eventually able to prove Vin innocent in the court and brings him back home. She also figures out that Manjari is not the loving mother she poses to be.

While everyone in Kundra family is happy on the return of Vin, a new character enters the show. A man named Rudra enters into Kundra Mansion, stating he is the long lost son of Shankar (Manish Khanna) and Manjari. It is revealed that his intent is to win Siddhi.


Main Cast[edit]

  • Nitin Goswami as Vinayak "Vin" Kundra, Siddhi and Urvashi's Husband (2017–2019) (Main Male Lead)
  • Neha Saxena as Siddhi Joshi[3] (Before plastic surgery) (2017–2018) (Main Female Lead; Replaced by Farnaz Shetty)
  • Farnaz Shetty as Siddhi Kundra nee Joshi, Vinayak's First Wife (After plastic surgery) (2018–2019) (Main Female Lead) / Riddhi Sen nee Sinha, A woman whose face is given to Siddhi (2018) (Dead)
  • Roshni Rastogi as Urvashi Kundra, Vinayak's Second Wife (2018–2019) (Main Antagonist)
  • Utkarsha Naik as Manjiri Kundra, Vinayak's Stepmother, Rudra's Mother and Shankar's Second Wife (2017–2019) (Main Antagonist)
  • Karan Khandelwal as Rajbeer Kundra, Vinayak's Cousin Brother (Main Male Antagonist turned Protagonist) (2017–2019)

Recurring Cast[edit]

  • Shardul Pandit as Shivam Sen, Riddhi’s Husband (2018) (Dead)
  • Ayesha Vindhara as Juhi Sen, Shivam and Riddhi's Little Daughter (2018)
  • Manish Khanna as Shankar Kundra, Vinayak and Rudra's Father, Manjiri's Husband (2017–2019)
  • Amar Deep Garg as Guru ji (2018)
  • Prithvi Sankala as Aniket Joshi, Siddhi and Prachi's Father
  • Anjali Gupta as Savita Joshi, Siddhi and Prachi's Mother
  • Karan Khandelwal as Rajbeer Kundra, Vinayak and Rudra's Cousin (2017–2018)
  • Priyanka Bora as Prachi Joshi, Siddhi's Sister (2017–present)
  • Farah Hussain as Zai, Siddhi's Friend (2017)
  • Nishi Singh as Bijlee Kundra, Vinayak and Rudra's Aunt, Rajbeer's Mother (2017–2018)
  • Gaurav S Bajaj as Rudra Kundra, Shankar and Manjiri's Son, Vinayak's Half-Brother (2018) (Dead)


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