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Name: Utopia
Owner: Utopia Residences
Operator: Utopia Residences
Port of registry:  Bahamas
Route: circumnavigation of the world
Ordered: November 20, 2009 (amended in 2012)
Builder: Samsung Heavy Industries
Cost: US$1.1 billion
Maiden voyage: 2016 (planned)Still unknown as final papers not signed
Notes: [1]
General characteristics
Type: Residential cruise ship
Tonnage: 108,000 GT
Length: 296 m (971 ft)
Beam: 36 m (118 ft)
Height: 50 m (160 ft)
Draught: 8.3 m (27 ft)
Decks: 16
Installed power: 50,400KW 6 × Wärtsilä diesel engines
  • 2 × 14 MW ABB Azipod, azimuthing
  • 3 × Bowthrusters total 9,000KW
  • Two sets of fin stabilizers
Speed: 22 KN
  • 199 luxury residences
  • 218-room hotel
Crew: 600
Notes: [1]

Utopia is a planned luxury residential ocean liner project. The company has recently completed all of its marine architecture and marine engineering, and the hull and propeller testing have been completed by Samsung. A formal marketing launch of the ship, reportedly costing US$1.1 billion, is expected in 2017. Final financing is being provided by The Frontier Group. The original binding letter of intent to build Utopia was amended in 2017.[2] The ship was to be built by Samsung Heavy Industries, one of the largest shipbuilders in the world.[3][4] The Finnish engineering company Elomatic Marine is credited for the design concept of the vessel, with architectural design by Tillberg Design U.S.[1]

The original business plan called for residences with prices from US$3.9 million to US$30 million, but Utopia has since increased its prices on its residences.


The 296 m (971 ft), 108,000 GT, ship will have a 190 residences ranging in size from 130 to 613 m2 (1,400 to 6,600 sq ft).[5] The ship will also have 175-room hotel, casino, 16,000 sq ft spa, night club, and many other amenities.


The ship will be largely financed by the Frontier Group, a private equity firm based in St. Louis, Missouri. Frontier will put up most of the funds to cover the US$1.1 billion in construction costs.[6]

See also[edit]

  • MS The World, a similar resident-owned vessel currently in service


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