Utopia Records

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Utopia Records
FounderIdo Yaron (DJ Ido)
GenreMelodic psytrance
Country of originIsrael
LocationEilat, South District
Official websitehttp://www.utopia-records.com/

Utopia Records is an Israeli independent record label that specializes in producing and releasing melodic psytrance music. Utopia Records was established in 2003 by the Israeli DJ Ido Yaron. Most of the musicians signed in Utopia Records are from southern Israel. According to its website, Utopia Records' vision is to "upgrade Eilat's raves and parties while taking electronic music to the next level, in the city of freedom, nature, sea and sun." Its website also offers a mailing list, free download of one track in a month and a currently inactive online shop.


  1. Israel Ananda Shake (Osher Swissa and Lior Edri)
    • Early works by Swissa only are titled as "Ananda"
  2. Israel Audiotec (Miki Damski)
  3. Israel Brain Damage (Vikenty Shagal)
  4. Israel Mahamudra (Ran Malka, Eyal Cohen and Sagiv Ben-Giat)
  5. Israel Phanatic (Kfir Lankry)
    • Once part of the duo Bizarre Contact with Didi Ezra
  6. Israel Stereomatic (Eliran Maimone)
  7. Israel Sundose (Avshalom Elmaliah and Mishel Atias)
  8. Israel Vibe Tribe (Stas Marniansky)
  9. Israel Spade (Elmar Ivatarov)
    • Was part of Vibe Tribe until April 2007


  1. Israel DJ Ido
  2. PortugalDJ D.vision
  3. Belgium DJ Firaga
  4. Mexico DJ Kin
  5. Brazil DJ Kitty (K.I.T.T.Y)
  6. Italy DJ Matte
  7. IsraelDJ SubSonix



  • VA – Born Again (compilation by DJ Ido)
  • VA – Exodus (compilation by DJ Ido)


  • PerplexCircles Of Life
  • VA – Pure Imagination Vol. 1 (compilation by DJ Ido)
  • VA – Timeless (compilation by DJ Ido)
  • AudiotecThe Magic Of Love
  • Vibe TribeMelodrama


  • Ananda Shake – Emotion In Motion
  • VA – Pure Imagination 2 (compilation by Sixsense)
  • Chemical DriveSonic Boom
  • VA – Re-Start (compilation by Ananda Shake)


  • VA – Pure Imagination 3 (compilation by DJ Ido)
  • Ananda Shake – We Speak Music
  • Audiotec – Freak Show
  • Vibe Tribe – Wise Cracks
  • PhanaticIn My Head
  • VA – K-Files (compilation by Danny K)
  • VA – Loud & Clear (compilation by DJ Kitty, originally called "Pure Imagination 4")


  • MahamudraReality Is Just A Mtyh
  • VA – Pure Imagination 4 (compilation by DJ Ido)
  • Brain DamageWaiting For My Angel
  • Ananda Shake – Inside The Sound

Future albums[edit]

  • Spade's debut solo album

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