Sonnenborgh Observatory

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Sonnenborgh Observatory
Sonnenborgh Utrecht.jpg
Organization University of Utrecht
Observatory code 015
Location Utrecht, Netherlands
Coordinates 52°05′12″N 5°07′48″E / 52.08667°N 5.13000°E / 52.08667; 5.13000Coordinates: 52°05′12″N 5°07′48″E / 52.08667°N 5.13000°E / 52.08667; 5.13000
Established 1853
Sonnenborgh Observatory is located in Netherlands
Sonnenborgh Observatory
Location of Sonnenborgh Observatory
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Sonnenborgh Observatory (Dutch: Museum Sterrenwacht Sonnenborgh; Sonnenborgh museum & sterrenwacht) is an astronomical observatory and museum open to the public, located in Utrecht, Netherlands. It was founded in 1853 as a university observatory (of the University of Utrecht) and from 1854 until 1897 it was the first home of the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute.

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