Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn railway station

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Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn
Station-Utrecht-Vaartsche-Rijn Vondellaan Baden-Powellweg Nederland.JPG
Station Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn
LocationUtrecht Zuidzijde
Coordinates52°04′43″N 5°07′21″E / 52.07861°N 5.12250°E / 52.07861; 5.12250Coordinates: 52°04′43″N 5°07′21″E / 52.07861°N 5.12250°E / 52.07861; 5.12250
Line(s)Amsterdam–Arnhem railway,
Utrecht–Boxtel railway
Opened22 August 2016
Preceding station   Nederlandse Spoorwegen   Following station
NS Sprinter 6000
2x/hour; Continues at/arrives at Utrecht Centraal on weekdays except evenings as Sprinter 6100 to/from Woerden
toward Tiel
NS Sprinter 6900
2x/hour, but only 1x/hour on evenings after 10:00pm; Continues at/arrives at Utrecht Centraal as Sprinter 7800 to/from Den Haag Centraal
toward Breukelen
NS Sprinter 7300
2x/hour; Weekdays rush hours only
NS Sprinter 7400
2x/hour; Not on evenings and weekends. Continues at/arrives at Amsterdam Centraal as Sprinter 4700 to/from Uitgeest
toward Rhenen
toward Breukelen
NS Sprinter 7400
2x/hour; Evenings and weekends only
Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn is located in Northeastern Randstad
Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn
Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn
Location within Northeastern Randstad

Vaartsche Rijn is a railway station, situated on the railway lines between Utrecht and Arnhem and between Utrecht and 's-Hertogenbosch. Construction began in November 2010 and was completed in 2015, although the station remained unused until its official opening at 22 August 2016.


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