Utricularia australis

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Utricularia australis
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Clade: Asterids
Order: Lamiales
Family: Lentibulariaceae
Genus: Utricularia
Subgenus: Utricularia subg. Utricularia
Section: Utricularia sect. Utricularia
Species: U. australis
Binomial name
Utricularia australis
R.Br. (1810)
Infraspecific taxa
  • U. a. f. fixa
    (Komiya) Komiya & Shibata (1980)
  • U. a. f. tenuicaulis
    (Miki) Komiya & Shibata (1980)
  • U. a. mod. platylobus
    (Glueck) D.Schmidt (1985)
  • U. a. mod. typicus
    (Glueck) D.Schmidt (1985)
  • U. a. var. tenuicaulis
    (Miki) S.Hatusima (1994)
  • Utricularia aquatica
    L. ex P.Font-Quer (1973) nom.nud.
  • Utricularia aurea
    auct. non Lour.: Erickson (1968)
    [=U. aurea/U. australis]
  • Utricularia dubia
    auct. non Benj.: Rosselini ex Cesati (1881) nom.illeg.
  • Utricularia flexuosa
    auct. non Vahl: Benth. (1869)
    [=U. aurea/U. australis]
  • Utricularia flexuosa
    auct. non Vahl: Moore (1893)
  • Utricularia flexuosa
    auct. non Vahl: Oliv. (1859)
    [=U. aurea/U. australis/U. bifida/U. caerulea]
  • Utricularia galloprovincialis
    Gay ex Webb (1876) nom.nud.
  • Utricularia incerta
    Kam. (1902)
  • Utricularia intermedia
    auct. non Hayne: Godet (1853)
  • Utricularia jankae
    Velen. (1886)
  • Utricularia japonica
    Makino (1914)
  • Utricularia major
    Schmidel (1771) nom.illeg.
  • Utricularia mutata
    Leiner ex Doell (1859)
  • Utricularia neglecta
    Lehm. (1828)
  • Utricularia neglecta f. crassicaulis Hoeppner (1912)
  • Utricularia neglecta f. gracilis Hoeppner (1912)
  • Utricularia neglecta f. platyloba (Meist.) Glueck (1906)
  • Utricularia neglecta f. platyphylla De Wit (1983) sphalm.typogr.
  • Utricularia neglecta f. typica Glueck (1906) nom.illeg.
  • Utricularia neglecta var. gallaecica Merino (1906)
  • Utricularia neglecta var. jankae (Velen.) Glueck (1936)
  • Utricularia pollichii
    F.Schultz (1871)
  • Utricularia protrusa
    Hook.f. (1853)
  • Utricularia sacciformis
    Benj. (1847)
  • Utricularia siakujiiensis
    Nakajima ex Hara (1948)
  • Utricularia spectabilis
    Madauss. (1853)
  • Utricularia stellaris
    auct. non L.f.: F.W.Andrews (1956)
    [=U. australis/U. stellaris]
  • Utricularia stellaris
    auct. non L.f.: Wager (1928)
  • Utricularia tenuicaulis
    Miki (1935)
  • Utricularia vulgaris f. fixa
    Komiya (1972)
  • Utricularia vulgaris f. tenera
    Hjelt (1920)
  • Utricularia vulgaris f. tenuicaulis (Miki) Komiya (1972)
  • Utricularia vulgaris f. tenuis
    Saelan (1883)
  • Utricularia vulgaris lus. platyloba Meist. (1900)
  • Utricularia vulgaris race major (Schmidel) Rouy (1909) nom.illeg.
  • Utricularia vulgaris subsp. dubia
    (auct. non Benj.: Rossellini ex Cesati) Nyman (1881)
  • Utricularia vulgaris var. formosana Kou (1968)
  • Utricularia vulgaris var. japonica
    (Makino) M.Tamura (1953)
  • Utricularia vulgaris var. mutata
    (Leiner ex Doell) Doell (1859)
  • Utricularia vulgaris var. neglecta (Lehm.) Coss. & Germain (1861)
  • Utricularia vulgaris var. rhenana Meist. (1900)
  • Utricularia vulgaris var. tenuicaulis (Miki) Kou (1968)
  • Utricularia vulgaris var. tenuis (Saelan) Hjelt (1920)
  • Utricularia vulgaris
    auct. non L.: Pollich (1776)
  • Utricularia vulgaris
    auct. non L.: P.Taylor (1964)
    [=U. australis/U. vulgaris]

Utricularia australis is a medium-sized, perennial species of aquatic bladderwort.[1] This species has a vast geographic range, being found throughout Europe, in tropical and temperate Asia including China and Japan in the east, Central and Southern Africa, Australia and the North Island of New Zealand. The specific epithet "australis" is Latin for "southern" and reflects the fact that the discovery of this species was made in Australia in 1810.[1]

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