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Utsu no Miko Bunko01.jpg
Utsunomiko Bunko Volume 1, illustrated by Mutsumi Inomata
Light novel
Written byKeisuke Fujikawa
Illustrated byMutsumi Inomata
Published byKadokawa Shoten
Original run19841998
Anime film
Directed byKenji Yoshida
Written bySukehiro Tomita
Kenji Terada
Music byKunihiro Kawano
StudioNippon Animation
ReleasedMarch 11, 1989
Runtime80 minutes
Anime film
Utsunomiko 2: Tenjōhen
Directed byTetsuo Imazawa
Written bySukehiro Tomita
Junki Takegami
Music byMasahiro Kawasaki
StudioToei Animation
ReleasedSeptember 22, 1990
Runtime70 minutes
Original video animation
Utsunomiko: Heaven Chapter
Directed byTetsuo Imazawa
StudioToei Animation
Released October 24, 1990 February 19, 1992
Runtime30 minutes each
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UtsunoMiko (宇宙皇子), also written Utsu no Miko, is a Japanese historical fantasy light novel series written by Keisuke Fujikawa (藤川桂介) and illustrated by Mutsumi Inomata, which was later adapted into an anime of the same title. The story is set in the late Asuka Period to the Nara Period, and follows the trials of the title character Utsunomiko (usually shortened to Miko), the offspring of the kami of the north star. There are 52 Utsunomiko novels, the first published in 1984, and the last published in 1998. The Utsunomiko movie premiered in 1989, followed by a second movie and a 13-episode OVA starting in 1990.


In the chaos of the Jinshin War of 762, a child with a small horn in his forehead was born. The child's mother condemned him as an oni and cast him away. An elderly shūgenja woman claimed the child and named him Utsunomiko, or 'Divine Child of the Heavens', telling Miko that his horn symbolizes the union of heaven and earth. Miko matured in the wilderness learning the ways of Shugendō, and soon started venturing into villages out of curiosity. He found that the common people of the villages live in poverty and suffering, and began using his spiritual powers to help them. But his anger at the self-serving rulers and their petty power-struggles grew until he came into open conflict with the Imperial Court, setting Miko down a long path as a champion of the oppressed.

Story arcs[edit]

  • Chronicle of Earth (地上編 – Chijō-hen) – 10 volumes
  • Chronicle of Heaven (天上編 – Tenjō-hen) – 10 volumes (Miko faces the rulers of the Heavenly plane and seeks his father)
  • Uncanny Dream Chronicle (妖夢編 – Yōmu-hen) – 10 volumes
  • Chronicle of Purgatory (煉獄編 – Rengoku-hen) – 10 volumes
  • Chronicle of Dawn (黎明編 – Reimei-hen) – 8 volumes
  • Gaiden Collection (拾異伝 – Shūiden) – 4 volumes

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