Utsunomiya University

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Utsunomiya University
EstablishedFounded 1922
Chartered 1949
PresidentChoemon Kanno
Academic staff
362 full-time[1]
Location, ,
36°32′57″N 139°54′50″E / 36.5492°N 139.9139°E / 36.5492; 139.9139Coordinates: 36°32′57″N 139°54′50″E / 36.5492°N 139.9139°E / 36.5492; 139.9139
Yoto Campus (Engineering)
Minegaoka Auditorium, built in 1924

Utsunomiya University (宇都宮大学, Utsunomiya daigaku) is a national university in Japan. The main campus is located in Miné-machi, Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture.


Utsunomiya University was established in 1949 by integrating three national colleges: Utsunomiya Agricultural and Forestry College (宇都宮農林専門学校, Utsunomiya nōrin semmon gakkō, founded in 1922), Tochigi Normal School (栃木師範学校, Tochigi shihan gakkō, founded in 1873) and Tochigi Normal School for Youth (栃木青年師範学校, Tochigi seinen shihan gakkō, founded in 1922).

The university at first had two faculties: Faculty of Agriculture (in Mine Campus) and Faculty of Liberal Arts (in Takaragi Campus).

  • 1955: The Faculty of Liberal Arts was removed to Mine Campus.
  • 1964: Utsunomiya Technical Junior College (宇都宮工業短期大学) was merged with the university to constitute Faculty of Engineering (in Yoto Campus).
  • 1966: The Faculty of Liberal Arts was renamed Faculty of Education.
  • 1994: The Faculty of International Studies was added.

Faculties (Undergraduate Schools)[edit]

  • Faculty of International Studies
    • Department of International Social Studies
    • Department of International Cultural Studies
  • Faculty of Education
    • School Teachers' Training Course
    • Lifelong Education Course
    • Environmental Education Course
  • Faculty of Engineering (in Yoto Campus)
    • Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering
    • Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    • Department of Applied Chemistry
    • Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering
    • Department of Information Science
  • Faculty of Agriculture
    • Department of Bioproductive Science
    • Department of Environmental Engineering
    • Department of Agricultural Economics
    • Department of Forest Sciences

Graduate Schools[edit]

  • Graduate School of International Studies (Master's/Doctoral)
  • Graduate School of Education (Master's courses only)
  • Graduate School of Engineering (Master's/Doctoral)
  • Graduate School of Agriculture (Master's/Doctoral)


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