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Present Pontiff of Uttaradi Matha H. H. Shri 1008 Shri Satyātma Tīrtha Shrīpādaru

Shri Uttaradi Matha (also Uttaradi Mutt or Uttaradi Math) (Kannada: ಶ್ರೀ ಉತ್ತರಾದಿಮಠ Devanāgarī: श्री उत्तरादिमठ) [ IAST: Śrī Uttarādi Maṭha] is a Dvaita matha (a monastic religious establishment) based in southern India and has great history. It is one of the original seats of Jagad-guru Śrī Madhvācārya and thus belongs to the Madhva sampradāya.


As per authoritative Dvaita scripture:

The complete list of pontiffs (Peetādhipathi's or ācāryas) who had taken the seat of this math is as below:[1][2] This list represents the authorized guru-paramparā (disciplic succession) of Śrī Uttaradi Math till date (2010-2011 AD).

The list is numbered beginning from Śrī Madhvācārya

  • Śrī Hamsa (A name of The Supreme Person/Supreme Godhead, Śrī Nārāyana or Śrī Hari; Paramātmā)
  • Śrī Chaturmukha Brahmā
  • Śrī Sanakādi
  • Śrī Dūrvāsa
  • Śrī Jñāna-nidhi Tīrtha
  • Śrī Garuḍa-vāhana Tīrtha
  • Śrī Kaivalya Tīrtha
  • Śrī Jñāneśa Tīrtha
  • Śrī Para Tīrtha
  • Śrī Satya-prajña Tīrtha
  • Śrī Prājña Tīrtha
  • Śrī Acyuta-prekṣa Tīrtha
  1. Śrī Madhvācārya (Śrī Pūrnaprajña Tīrtha or Śrīmad-Ānanda Tīrtha Bhagavat-pādācārya)
  2. Śrī Padmanābha Tīrtha- Navabrundavana, Hampi
  3. Śrī Nṛhari Tīrtha - Venkatapura, Hampi
  4. Śrī Mādhava Tīrtha - Mannuru
  5. Śrī Akṣhobhya Tīrtha - Malakheda
  6. Śrī Jaya Tīrtha - Malakheda
  7. Śrī Vidyādhirāja Tīrtha
  8. Śrī Kavīndra Tīrtha - Navabrundavana, Hampi
  9. Śrī Vāgīśa Tīrtha - Navabrundavana, Hampi
  10. Śrī Rāmacandra Tīrtha - Yaragola
  11. Śrī Vidyā-nidhi Tīrtha -Yaragola
  12. Śrī Raghunātha Tīrtha - Malakheda
  13. Śrī Raghuvarya Tīrtha - Navabrundavana, Hampi
  14. Śrī Raghūttama Tīrtha - Tirukoilur
  15. Śrī Veda-vyāsa Tīrtha - Penugoda
  16. Śrī Vidyā-dhīśa Tīrtha - Ekachakranagara
  17. Śrī Veda-nidhi Tīrtha - Phandrapura
  18. Śrī Satya-vrata Tīrtha - Sangli
  19. Śrī Satya-nidhi Tīrtha - Kurnool
  20. Śrī Satya-nātha Tīrtha - Veeracholapuram
  21. Śrī Satyābhinava Tīrtha - Nacharkoil
  22. Śrī Satya-pūrṇa Tīrtha - Kolapur
  23. Śrī Satya-vijaya Tīrtha - Satyavijaya Nagar
  24. Śrī Satya-priya Tīrtha - Manamadurai
  25. Śrī Satya-bodha Tīrtha - Savanur
  26. Śrī Satya-sandha Tīrtha - Mahishi
  27. Śrī Satya-vara Tīrtha - Santebidanur
  28. Śrī Satya-dharma Tīrtha - Holehonnur
  29. Śrī Satya-saṅkalpa Tīrtha - Mysore
  30. Śrī Satya-santuṣṭa Tīrtha - Mysore
  31. Śrī Satya-parāyaṇa Tīrtha - Santebidanur
  32. Śrī Satya-kāma Tīrtha - Athakuru
  33. Śrī Satyeṣṭa Tīrtha - Athakuru
  34. Śrī Satya-parākrama Tīrtha - Chittapura
  35. Śrī Satya-vīra Tīrtha - Korlahalli
  36. Śrī Satya-dhīra Tīrtha - Athakuru
  37. Śrī Satya-jñāna Tīrtha - Rajamahendri
  38. Śrī Satya-dhyāna Tīrtha - Phandrapura
  39. Śrī Satya-prajña Tīrtha - Athakuru
  40. Śrī Satyābhijña Tīrtha - Ranebennnur
  41. Śrī Satya-pramoda Tīrtha - Tirukoilur
  42. Śrī Satyātma Tīrtha, the current presiding pontiff [3 November 1997 - till date] (Sannyasa accepted on: 24 April 1996) [3]


Its chief mission is to practice, protect, preach and propagate the ancient Vedic dharma (sanātana dharma). Since the time of its origin, till date, Uttaradi Math has been and continuing to be the strong propounder of the true Vedic dharma. The Math is very much committed in extending service to mankind in all spheres of life like medical care, education, disaster, calamities, wars etc.[4]

The current pīṭhādhipati or the ācārya holding the pontifical seat is His Holiness Śrī Satyātma Tīrtha Swāmīji (officially known as Śrī 1008 Śrī Satyātma Tīrtha Śrīpādaṅgaḷavaru)

This math is predominantly present in Karnataka and has many followers in southern India and few in the north too.

Currently this math has 3-4 Vidyapeethas prominent being Shri Jayateertha Vidyapeetha, Bangalore and S Shri Satyadhyana Vidyapeetha in Mumbai (Old Hindu Style Gurukuls) with boarding facilities where in students stay and continue their study in Vedas and Madhwa Shastras. Nearly 200 students are being rigorously trained here in various branches of knowledge like Grammar, Linguistics, Logic, Mimamsa, Sankhya, Yoga, Veda, Jyotisha, Advaita, Vishistadvaita and Dvaita systems. The students are also trained in Modern Philosophies.

Shri Jayateertha Vidyapeetha, Bangalore: Sudha Visharada Sri Guttal Rangacharya is the Kulapati and Vidwan Sri Satyadhyanacharya Katti is the administrator. Shri Satyadhyana Vidyapeetha, Mumbai: Vidwan Shri Vidyaasimhacharya Maahuli is the Kulapati & administrator.

Curriculum: The uniqueness of this institution is that its students are specially trained under the guidance of Shri 1008 Shri Satyatma Teertha Swamiji for 12 years with initial 9 years of training at the Jayateertha Vidyapeetha Residential Campus where they attain mastery over Kavya, Vyakarana, Sahitya, Vedas, Sankshya, Yoga, Jaina, Bauddha, Shakta, Advaita, Vishistadvaita and Dvaita Philosophies under the guidance of Kulapati Sudha Visharada Vidwan Guttala Rangacharya., Principal Vidwan Satyadhyanacharya and several other experienced Adhyapakas.

During the last 3 years of the course, the students are given extensive classes in Shriman Nyaya Sudha, Tatparya Chandrika, Tarkatandava etc., on tour directly by the learned Swamiji, thus giving the student an opportunity to expand his knowledge base by way of getting exposed, at an early age, to the scholarly world, with opportunity to meet several esteemed scholars and conducting debates and discussions with them in esteemed centers of learning across the entire country like Kashi, Prayag, Delhi, Pune, Rajahmundry etc.

Graduation After successfully completing the 12 year course, the students are awarded the title "Sudha Vidwan" in a grand convocation function called the "Sudha Mangala", held at various prime centers of learning. To make themselves eligible for the title the students have to present a paper orally before distinguished scholars and also take an oral exam in Shriman Nyaya Sudha, the magnum opus of Dvaita Philosophy. The candidate is tested for all round skills and then declared to be eligible for the title by a jury of scholars headed by His Holiness.

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