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Utz may refer to:

  • Utz (surname)
  • Utz (film), a 1992 film based on Bruce Chatwin's novel
  • Utz (Bible), one of the two sons born to Milkah and Nachor, the brother of Abraham
  • UTZ (file format), format used by Symbian OS to store user interface themes
  • Utz (novel), Bruce Chatwin's 1988 novel, his last
  • UTZ Certified, worldwide certification program for responsible coffee and other products
  • Utz Quality Foods, a manufacturer of snack foods based in Hanover, Pennsylvania, United States
  • Utz Rothe, Austrian painter and graphic artist
  • Utz, a song by Enon from their 2003 album Hocus Pocus
  • Utz Site, a Native American archeological site in Saline County, Missouri,