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Uudam, also Wudamu (Uda Мод in Mongolian; born on September 9, 1999) is a Mongol Chinese young singer, who participated in the 2011 season of China's Got Talent.[1] He is also a former member of the Hulunbuir Children's Choir.

Traditional Chinese 烏達木
Simplified Chinese 乌达木


Uudam was born on September 9, 1999,[2] in Hulunbuir in Inner Mongolia (Autonomous Region in northern China). His mother died in a road accident when he was very young. A few years later his father also died in another car accident. Then he was fostered by Buren and Wurina Bayaer,[1] the director of the Hulunbuir Children's Choir and a noted Chinese singer.[3] (Quintessenso Choir[4]).

China's Got Talent[edit]

Uudam participated as a contestant in the 2011 season of China's Got Talent. Performing in his native Mongolian language, he sang the song, "Mother in the Dream". He also performed a song with his adoptive parents, Buren and Wurina Bayaer.[5] He appeared in the background of Buren Bayaer's video, "Take Me To The Prairie" .


  • 2011: "Mother far away" (chin. 梦中的额吉, "Meng zhong de eji" ) – Guangdong Audio B006G79YT4, CD (5 titles) + DVD (music video "Mother in the Dream")

The cover photo of this album http://ent.southcn.com/8/images/attachement/jpg/site4/20111125/0016ec7d751a103941d448.jpg Including 5 songs:Mother in the dream(梦中的额吉)

The running horse(奔驰的马)

A song dedicated to father(献给父亲的歌)

Uncle Bateer(巴特尔舅舅)


  • In 2015 he sang a new song,"Old mother(苍老的母亲)"on China's Got Talent's stage during Chinese Spring Festival.
  • (Music video "Mother in the Dream" (梦中的额吉) = (梦中的额吉)


  • 2011: The Men with Blue Dots (蓝斑人)(mong. Хөх толбот хүмүүс, "Hoh Tolbot Humuus")[6] – as child Ganbaa
  • 2012: Night Blooming (chin. 隔窗有眼) (horror movie)[7] – as the leading actor in the role of 小虎 (Xiao Hu, “Little Tiger”)
  • 2013: Uudam Charity Mini Movie "Spring-Bound School Bus" (开往春天的校车)(short movie)


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