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Uuvudhiya is located in Namibia
Coordinates: 18°08′00″S 15°6′00″E / 18.13333°S 15.10000°E / -18.13333; 15.10000Coordinates: 18°08′00″S 15°6′00″E / 18.13333°S 15.10000°E / -18.13333; 15.10000
Country  Namibia
Time zone SAST (UTC+1)

Uuvudhiya is a populated place in the Oshana Region[1] in northern Namibia. It is the district capital of the Uuvudhiya electoral constituency.

The settlement reported a water supply problem in 2003, according to the regional councillor Amutenya Ndahafa.[2] Juliane Zeidler of LakeNet reported that deforestation was also a problem.[3]


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