Uvas Reservoir

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Uvas Reservoir
Uvas Reservoir.jpg
November 2000
Location of Uvas Reservoir in California, USA.
Location of Uvas Reservoir in California, USA.
Uvas Reservoir
Location of Uvas Reservoir in California, USA.
Location of Uvas Reservoir in California, USA.
Uvas Reservoir
LocationSanta Clara County, California
Coordinates37°03′57″N 121°41′26″W / 37.06583°N 121.69056°W / 37.06583; -121.69056Coordinates: 37°03′57″N 121°41′26″W / 37.06583°N 121.69056°W / 37.06583; -121.69056
Primary inflowsUvas Creek
Primary outflowsUvas Creek
Catchment area345 sq mi (894 km2)
Basin countriesUnited States
Managing agencySanta Clara Valley Water District
Surface area288 acres (1.17 km2)
Water volume10,000 acre⋅ft (0.012 km3)
Surface elevation440 ft (134 m)

Uvas Reservoir is an artificial lake located west of San Martin, California in the United States. The reservoir is surrounded by a 626-acre (253 ha) park managed by the Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department.[3] The park provides limited fishing[4] ("catch-and-release"), picnicking, and hiking activities. Boating is not permitted in the reservoir.[5]


The reservoir sits atop part of the Franciscan Formation. A variety of rocks from the formation can be found there, including slate, basalt, marble, and many others.


The reservoir was created in 1957 by the construction of the Uvas Dam[6] across Uvas Creek in the southern part of Uvas Valley. It is the fifth largest reservoir owned by the Santa Clara Valley Water District.[7]

In 2013, the Scoffone family sold 357 acres (144 ha) adjacent to the park to the Peninsula Open Space Trust, which doubled the park's size.[8]

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