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The Uwajima Domain (宇和島藩, Uwajima-han) was a feudal domain in Iyo Province of Japan (present-day Ehime Prefecture) during the Edo period. It was ruled from 1608 to 1613 by the Tomita clan. After a brief period as Tokugawa-controlled tenryō territory, the domain passed into the hands of the Date clan. The founder was Date Hidemune (1591–1658), first-born son of Date Masamune (1567–1636). Date Hidemune could not inherit his father's position as head of the main Date clan because he was born by a concubine, so arrangements were made for Hidemune to hold this han, starting in 1615, at a far distance from the main Date clan holdings in northern Japan.

In the Bakumatsu period, Date Munenari (1818–1892) was the eighth generation daimyo, and was prominent in national politics. He was succeeded by Date Mune'e, the ninth generation lord, before the abolition of the domains in 1871.

List of Daimyo[edit]

  1. Nobutaka
  1. Hidemune
  2. Munetoshi
  3. Muneyoshi
  4. Muratoshi
  5. Muratoki
  6. Muranaga
  7. Munetada
  8. Munenari
  9. Mune'e

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