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Ehime Prefectural Uwajima Fishery High School (愛媛県立宇和島水産高等学校 Ehime Kenritsu Uwajima Suisan Kōtōgakkō) is a secondary school in Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture, Japan.

The school first opened in 1945.

Since 2005 and as of 2007 the principal is Haruki Tamai (玉井治樹 Tamai Haruki).

The school is operated by the Ehime Prefectural Board of Education.

Ehime Maru incident[edit]

The school operated the vessel Ehime Maru, which the USS Greenville, a U.S. Navy submarine, struck and sank on February 9, 2001 during the Ehime Maru and USS Greeneville collision.

The school acquired a new Ehime Maru ship with settlement money from the U.S. Navy. The new ship sailed to Hawaii in 2003. In Hawaii, the principal at the time of the disaster, Kazumitsu Joko (上甲一光 Jōkō Kazumitsu), read a message from Moriyuki Kato, the governor of Ehime Prefecture, addressed to the Hawaiian people.[1]


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