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Uwe Storch

Uwe Storch (born 12 July 1940, Leopoldshall) is a German mathematician. His field of research is commutative algebra and analytic and algebraic geometry, in particular derivations, divisor class group, resultants.

Storch studied mathematics, physics and mathematical logic in Münster and in Heidelberg. He got his PhD 1966 under the supervision of Heinrich Behnke with a thesis on almost (or Q) factorial rings. 1972 Habilitation in Bochum, 1974 professor in Osnabrück and since 1981 professor for algebra and geometry in Bochum. 2005 Emeritation. Uwe Storch is married and has four sons.

Theorem of Eisenbud–Evans–Storch[edit]

The Theorem of Eisenbud-Evans-Storch states that every algebraic variety in n-dimensional affine space is given geometrically (i.e. up to radical) by n polynomials.

Selected publications[edit]

Günther Scheja and Uwe Storch, Lehrbuch der Algebra, 2 volumes, Stuttgart 1980, 1988.

Uwe Storch and Hartmut Wiebe, Lehrbuch der Mathematik, 4 volumes.

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