Uxbridge, Tasmania

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Uxbridge, Tasmania is a Postal Code within Tasmania, Australia.

 More details are available on geocode maps.

Populated place[edit]

Uxbridge is in a rural section of Tasmania located in the Derwent Valley. Uxbridge elevation is listed as ca. 514 m, in height in the Derwent Valley.[1] It is listed as a populated place. The Geo code location is S 42° 46' 0 E 146° 53' 0 -42.76667 / 146.88333, and the Geo name ID is: GeoNameId : 214535. The postal code is 7140. Uxbridge is listed in the West Coast subregion. Uxbridge lies west of New Norfolk located to the SW off of the A 10 Highway, and just east of the Mount Field National Park.

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Coordinates: 42°46′S 146°53′E / 42.767°S 146.883°E / -42.767; 146.883