Uyama Hiroto

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Uyama Hiroto
Genres Nu Jazz
Occupation(s) Record producer, DJ, composer, arranger
Labels Hydeout Productions
Website Uyama Hiroto on Myspace Music

Uyama Hiroto is a Japanese record producer, DJ, composer, arranger and close collaborator of the late Japanese DJ, record producer, composer and arranger Nujabes. His style of music is a heavy downtempo/ambient jazz influenced hip-hop. For the album Chill SQ he created a remix of the song "Theme of Love" from the video game Final Fantasy IV.[1]



Album information
A Son of the Sun
  • Released: July 16, 2008
Freedom of the Son[2]
  • Released: October 18, 2014
Freeform Jazz
  • Released: November 2, 2016

Compilations he appears on[edit]

Album information
Metaphorical Music
  • Released: 2003
Modal Soul
  • Released: 2005
Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection
  • Released: 2007
Modal Soul Classics
  • Released: 2008
Mellow Beats, Friends & Lovers
  • Released: 2009
Modal Soul Classics II
  • Released: 2010
Spiritual State
  • Released: 2011


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