Uzana II of Pagan

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Uzana II of Pagan
Viceroy of Pagan
PredecessorSaw Hnit
SuccessorSithu III (as governor)
Born1311 (Monday born)
Died1368 (aged 57)
FatherSaw Hnit
ReligionTheravada Buddhism

Uzana II of Pagan (Burmese: ဥဇနာ, pronounced [ʔṵzənà]; also Saw Mon Nit; 1311–1368) was viceroy of Pagan (Bagan) from 1325 to 1364 under the suzerain of Pinya Kingdom, and from 1365 to 1368 under the Ava Kingdom. He was also the last of the Pagan dynasty which dated back at least to the mid-9th century. Though still styled as King of Pagan, Uzana's effective rule, like his father's and grandfather's, amounted to just the area around Pagan city. King Swa Saw Ke of Ava (r. 1367–1400) was a nephew of Uzana II.[1]


Uzana was a son of Saw Hnit, the vassal king of Pagan. The table below lists the dates given by the four main chronicles.[2]

Chronicles Birth–Death Age Reign Length of reign
Zatadawbon Yazawin 1317–1368 51 1331–1368 37
Maha Yazawin 1308–1365 57 1322–1365 43
Yazawin Thit 1310–1368 58 1330–1368 38
Hmannan Yazawin 1311–1368 57 1325–1368 43


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Uzana II of Pagan
Born: 1311 Died: 1368
Royal titles
Preceded by
Saw Hnit
Viceroy of Pagan
Succeeded by
Sithu III
as governor