2014–15 Uzbek parliamentary election

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2014–15 Uzbek parliamentary election
← 2009–10 21 December 2014 (first round)
4 January 2015 (second round)
2019–20 →

135 of the 150 seats in the Legislative Chamber
76 seats needed for a majority
Turnout88.94% (first round)
76.93% (second round)
Party Leader Seats +/–
OʻzLiDeP Sodiqjon Turdiev 52 −1
Milliy Tiklanish Shavkat Mirziyoyev 36 +4
XDP Hotamjon Ketmonov 27 −4
ASDP Sobir Tursunov 20 +1
Ecological Movement Boriy Alixonov 15 0
Speaker before Speaker after
Diloram Tashmukhamedova
Nurdinjon Ismoilov

Parliamentary elections were held in Uzbekistan on 21 December 2014,[1] with a second round on 4 January 2015, alongside provincial and district council elections. The Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party remained the largest party, winning 52 of the 135 elected seats in the Legislative Chamber.

Electoral system[edit]

Of the 150 members of the Legislative Chamber, 135 were directly elected from single member constituencies using the two-round system.[2] A further 15 seats were reserved for the country's Ecological Movement, which elected its members at a meeting on 21 December.[3]


Of the 135 elected seats, 113 were won by candidates in the first round.[3] The remaining 22 seats were filled when run-off elections took place on 4 January 2015.[4]

PartyFirst roundSecond roundTotal
Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party47552–1
Uzbekistan National Revival Democratic Party28836+5
People's Democratic Party of Uzbekistan21627–5
Justice Social Democratic Party17320+1
Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan150
Total votes18,490,2452,642,063
Registered voters/turnout20,789,57288.943,434,34576.93
Source: CEC, CEC


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