Uzbeks in Russia

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Uzbeks in Russia
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Moscow35,595 - Unknown (at least 1.5 million)
Uzbek · Russian
predominantly Islam, some Eastern Orthodoxy[2]

Uzbeks represent a large diaspora in Russia numbering 1.9 million (January 2016). Most Uzbeks living in Russia are seasonal migrant workers. Most of them have come after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Due to racial and cultural differences, they are one of the most discriminated against minorities in Russia, and hence rarely settle outside of the Russian capital Moscow.[3]


There has been dispute on the actual population of Uzbeks in Russia, with estimates varying from 300,000 (Russian census 2010) to over two million.[4] There has been a decline in numbers since 2015 due to the Russian recession, as most migrants cannot find jobs with a decent salary, and because of that choose to work in other countries such as South Korea.


Most Uzbek labour migrants are Sunni Muslims, with some long-term workers converting to Eastern Orthodoxy through missionaries.[5]


Russian Media often uses false statistics such as "In 2050 Central Asians will become the majority in Russia" [6]and because of this Uzbek migrants (along with Kyrgyz, Azeris and Tajiks) face violence, discrimination, xenophobia and humiliation on a daily basis. [7] There have been riots against Uzbeks by ethnic Russians in many Russian cities. [8] This has caused the death of many migrants in racially motivated murders.


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