Uzen-Chitose Station

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Uzen-Chitose Station
Uzen-Chitose Station, August 2013
Location 2-5, Nagamachi, Yamagata, Yamagata
Coordinates 38°17′16″N 140°20′32″E / 38.287678°N 140.342128°E / 38.287678; 140.342128Coordinates: 38°17′16″N 140°20′32″E / 38.287678°N 140.342128°E / 38.287678; 140.342128
Operated by JR East
Opened 1933

Uzen-Chitose Station (羽前千歳駅, Uzen-Chitose-eki) is a railway station on the Ōu Main Line in the city of Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East).


Uzen-Chitose Station is served by the Ōu Main Line, and is located 91.9 rail kilometers from the terminus of the line at Fukushima Station. It is also served by the Senzan Line and is 58.0 rail kilometers from the terminus of that line at Sendai Station.

Station layout[edit]

Uzen-Chitose Station is an elevated station with a single island platform.


Track diagram
1  Ōu Main Line for Shinjō, Yamagata, and Fukushima (standard gauge)
2  Senzan Line for Yamagata and Sendai (narrow gauge)

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Ōu Main Line (Yamagata Line)
Kita-Yamagata - Minami-Dewa
Senzan Line
Yamadera Rapid A & Rapid C Kita-Yamagata
Tateyama Rapid B Kita-Yamagata


Uzen-Chitose Station opened on October 17, 1933.The station was absorbed into the JR East network upon the privatization of JNR on 1 April 1987. The station building was rebuilt in December 1999.

Surrounding area[edit]

  • Yamagata Big Wing Convention center
  • Yamagata General Sports Arena

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